Below are some tutorials to help you work with Control MP along with some project tutorials to really put Control MP to work.

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    Getting started with Control MP

    In this tutorial we will go over creating a new Control MP project and go over some of the other navigation options, then we will create a simple LED project that will turn the ESP8266's built in LED on and off using a Toggle Switch component, the ESP8266 will also send commands back to Control MP to turn the LED component on or off and also send the LED status based on the command it received.

    Once again this is a very simple example to get you working with Control MP by sending and receiving commands from a microcontroller.

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    Control a WPL B16 6WD Crawler - Coming Soon

    Convert a WPL B16 to use an Arduino Nano & HM-10 Bluetooth module along with Arduino code. Then build a Control MP project to control using joysticks or the accelerometer, or both depending on your device orientation, portrait or landscape!

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    Control a tracked robot with a MeArm - Coming Soon

    Control a tracked robot with a MeArm attached using an ESP32 and a LM298 Motor Diver along with the Control MP project to control it all!

    Example sketch currently included with the ControlMP Arduino library.