Create an Account

By creating an account, you will be able to upload your projects to the cloud and access them from any of your other devices. You can also transfer any purchased credits to and from your other devices. Please note that if you do not have an account and you delete the app from your device you will lose any credits purchased on that device.

Use the Duplicate Button

When you have multiple components of the same type add the first component resize and set color(s) to your liking then use the Duplicate button to create your other components which will all be the same size.

Create Projects Without Having a microcontroller

When you create a Bluetooth (BLE) project you are not required to select/scan for a Bluetooth (BLE) device, you can always edit the project and scan for the BLE device at a later time. UDP projects only require you enter a Port.

Layout for Portrait & Landscape Together

When you are adding components to your project size and place where you want it in portrait then rotate your device and size and place for landscape.

Show and Hide Components Based on Orientation

By showing only certain components in portrait and showing other components in landscape you can develop a totally different look in each orientation. Portrait can control the devices on your robot and Landscape can be used to drive!