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Control MP

Control your Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266 or any microcontroller that supports Bluetooth (BLE) or WiFi (UDP)! Create multiple custom controllers using over 15 components to choose from, ranging from accelerometer to LEDs to sliders, switches and more!


Supports portrait and landscape orientations, components can be place and sized differently or hidden based on device orientation for the same project or you can lock a project to one orientation.


Colors can be changed for navigation, project backgrounds and components to fit your style and project. Send and receive commands are defined by you to meet your current project needs. When you create an optional account you can also share projects between your devices and friends.


Arduino library available with examples ranging from simply turning on the built in LED with the toggle switch component, receiving bme280 environmental sensor readings to more complex projects like controlling a tracked robot with a MeArm. Prebuilt Control MP Projects can be downloaded to go along with the Arduino library examples. We are current adding tutorials to the Control MP website for some of the examples.



  • Supports Bluetooth (BLE) & WiFi (UDP)
  • Scan for BLE devices
  • Multiple projects
  • Supports both portrait & landscape
  • Projects can be portrait only, landscape only or both
  • The same project can have different layouts for portrait & landscape
  • Set components to be displayed in portrait only, landscape only or both
  • Detailed help
  • Change colors for navigation, project backgrounds and components
  • Share projects between your other devices or friends (with optional account)
  • Drag and resize components
  • User defined command strings
  • Components can send local commands to other controls
  • Components can be updated from your microcontroller code
  • Arduino library with examples to get you started with your IOT or custom projects.
  • Example Control MP projects
  • Over 15 components to choose from:
    • Accelerometer (1 or 2 axis)
    • Toggle Switch
    • Round Button (toggle or momentary)
    • Square Button (toggle or momentary)
    • Vertical Slider
    • Horizontal Slider
    • Vertical Snap Slider
    • Horizontal Snap Slider
    • Round Joystick (1 or 2 axis)
    • Square Joystick (1 or 2 axis)
    • Static Text
    • Dynamic Text
    • LED (Red, Green, Blue & Yellow)
    • D-Pad
    • Vertical Bar Gauge
    • Horizontal Bar Gauge